Welcome To Scoop n’ Score

Greetings all,

If you have stumbled upon this page that must mean you have at least the slightest interest in what exactly I have gotten myself into this time. Honestly, I might be on to something this time around. I am very excited to announce that this page, Scoop n’ Score (I tried to go for something clever, its like a double entendre, it’s cool trust me), is going to be my official blog for the foreseeable future!

Now, you’re all more than likely wondering what exactly am I going to be writing about on this here blog? Well, if you know me, then you know how huge my love for sports is, you know how wide of a net that my interest can cast at points, and that’s exactly what this blog will mainly be about. Sports, and other stuff that I think is kind of cool…

For the most part, my posts will focus on my favorite teams; The Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, and Liverpool Football Club. I’ll try to touch on other teams, happenings and my opinions within the NFL, NBA, European soccer, and college sports. Along with my opinions on certain hot topics going around in the sporting universe.

To start, things here will mainly be NFL related as the season is finally beginning after a long, LONG, offseason. I might sprinkle in some college sports, however thats really not my forte, but hey, we’ll see what happens.

I do also want to write about random, interesting things going on in my life. Possibly some pop culture topics, and maybe some movie and video games reviews down the line as well. All things that I really enjoy and things that can really turn this page into my own little creative space.

With that, I will conclude this introduction post and thank you all for taking the time to visit and read my first blog. I genuinely can’t wait to fan with you all!


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