NBA Drama: Trevor Ariza Trade Didn’t Happen… Then It Did?

The Washington Wizards, Pheonix Suns, and Memphis Grizzlies reportedly came to an agreement to a trade that involved Trevor Ariza and Austin Rivers. But… they didn’t? There was a disagreement over what player Memphis would send to the Suns, and that pretty much ended the deal. Or did it?

Friday, December 14th, 6:53 PM EST – The Initial Report
The first sign that Trevor Ariza was being dealt to the Wizards came when Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN initially reported that the two teams were in advanced talks over a trade. Woj mentioned there was another team involved which he did not name.

Friday, December 14th, 7:09 PM EST – More Details Emerge
Adrian Wojnarowski followed up his initial tweet with more details of the trade. He stated that Ariza was being sent to the Wizards, Kelly Oubre was being traded to the Grizzlies, and Austin Rivers along with two Grizzlies role players were being traded to the Suns.

Friday, December 14th, 7:17 PM EST – Dillon Brooks Being Traded
After the two Woj tweets, a Suns reporter (John Gambadoro) said that the Suns had acquired Wayne Selden and Dillon Brooks from the Grizzlies, and Austin Rivers from the Wizards.

At this point, there is no confusion. Everything is fine. There is no drama whatsoever.

Friday, December 14th, 7:21 PM EST – Full Details
Four minutes pass before Adrian Wojnarowski essentially confirms that Dillon Brooks is the player being traded to Pheonix. He tweets the full details of the trade:

Suns get: Austin Rivers, Dillon Brooks, Wayne Selden
Wizards get: Trevor Ariza, 2019 second-round pick, 2020 condition second-round pick
Grizzlies get: Kelly Oubre

Friday, December 14th, 7:22 PM EST – Confusion
Literally only one minute passes before the initial confusion over this trade happens. Wojnarowski tweets that it’s MarShon Brooks being sent to Pheonix, not Dillon Brooks.

Friday, December 14th, 7:27 PM EST – Memphis Reporter Gets Involved
Chris Herrington of The Daily Memphian reports that Memphis has traded MarShon Brooks to the Suns, not Dillon Brooks.

And now… Things get ugly. Phoenix radio host John Gambadoro and Memphian writer Chris Herrington essentially go back and forth (indirectly) over which Brooks is being sent to Pheonix.

Friday, December 14th, 7:31 PM EST – Downhill Spiral
Gambadaro tweets that reports of MarShon being traded from Memphis are incorrect. He also maintains the point that Dillon Brooks is being sent to the Suns.

Friday, December 14th, 7:35 PM EST – Memphis… oof
Herrington tweets out that the Grizzlies/Wizards/Suns trade has yet to be completed.

Friday, December 14th, 7:37 PM EST – Trevor Ariza Can’t Even Be Traded
Marc Stein of The New York Times points out that Ariza cannot be traded… at least for another hour and a half (9:00 PM EST)

Friday, December 14th, 7:41 PM EST – Is It, Though?
Gambadaro is persistent in his efforts and is possibly reflecting the Suns’ mentality… one that had thought they were getting a quality young player rather than… MarShon Brooks. He tweets once again that the Suns had acquired Dillon Brooks.
Friday, December 14th, 7:53 PM EST – Confirmation of Chaos
Adrian Wojnarowski speaks again, this time on the overarching state of the trade. He states that according to his sources (along with Zach Lowe), the possible trade is in jeopardy given the Suns didn’t know which Brooks was being traded to them.
Friday, December 14th, 7:59 PM EST – It’s Dead.
Herrington tweets out that, according to his Memphis sources, the trade is no longer going to happen. This was rebuffed only ten minutes later when Wojnarowski confirms that the trade is dead.

In only a span of 66 minutes, we went from having our first major NBA trade of the year to joking about the incompetence of the two worst NBA teams of the 2017-18 season. Let’s not forget that this was a three-team deal, as well. The Wizards should also be at fault, given that they were the main catalysts of the trade.

But wait, there’s more!

Saturday, December 15th, 11:43 AM EST – A New Trade?
It has been reported by ESPN that the Wizards are trading Austin Rivers and Kelly Oubre to the Pheonix Suns for Trevor Ariza.

This caps off all of the drama last night with an actual deal between two sides. Memphis, of course, is not involved in this deal. The Wizards seemingly gave in to the Suns, who land themselves a point guard and additional role player. Oubre is scheduled to hit restricted free agency next summer. He will likely earn about $10-13 million per year. Rivers gives the Suns a point guard after they didn’t have a starting caliber player at the position to start the season.

The Wizards gain a 33-year old Trevor Ariza who will seemingly help them out in their effort to make the playoffs this season.

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