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Kemba Walker Earns 3rd Team All-NBA Honors

The NBA has released it’s All-NBA teams and Hornets star man Kemba Walker was deserving of making the All-NBA 3rd team. If you haven’t been following along with this years Kemba saga, this means Walker is now eligible for a 5 year $221 million super max contract if he chooses to re-sign with Charlotte this offseason.

This makes the decision the for the Hornets front office a little more interesting, as Walker could suddenly be a bit more enticed on returning to Charlotte even though the future state of the team isn’t looking exactly pleasing. Although its completely unknown on where his head is at as it relates to his free agency decision.

One could say this shifts the tide from this being Walker’s decision to now the front office’s decision. Are they willing to sign a 6’1 point guard who will be 30 next year to five more years worth $221 million. He’ll be 35 when the contract is done, and if things go south for the Hornets rebuild, it’s extremely tough to get a player like that off your books, see Mike Conley and John Wall.

If the Hornets do bring back their guy then they’ll likely look to make the necessary moves via trade in order to bring in talent in hopes of making the leap to competing in the upper tier of the Eastern Conference. Again this will be no easy task as Charlotte recently found out during the trade deadline that they don’t exactly possess the desired assets that a team harboring, say a Bradley Beal type of player, would be willing to move their star for.

Either way, we at the Queen’s Guard are proud and thankful for the work that Kemba Walker has put in this season and the past and whether or not he’s a Charlotte Hornet or not by the end of the summer, we’ll be cheering him on.

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