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Prospect Profile: Tyler Herro

Tyler Herro – Guard – Kentucky – 6’6 192 Pounds

Kentucky product, Tyler Herro, is another top 20 draft prospect that deserves a deeper look. Like Nickeil Alexander-Walker, taking Herro at 12 could be considered a reach for the Hornets, but Herro has a good skill-set that should transition well to the NBA.

At Kentucky, Herro averaged 14 points, 4 rebounds, and over 2 assists a game while shooting 46.2% from the field, 35.5% from three, and 93.5% from the free throw line. These numbers increased in conference play: 15.2 points and almost five rebounds a game while shooting 48.2% from the field, 42.1% from the three point line, and 98.3% from the free throw line. These are really impressive shooting numbers and his shooting is the elite skill that has teams after the lottery range coveting him.

Let’s look at his highlight tape:


Simply put, Tyler Herro is a walking BUCKET. He can score at all three levels but the crown jewel of his game is the jump shot. The form is beautiful and he shoots a smooth and easy ball. It’s almost a joy to watch this man take jumpers. He has all types of shots in his bag too. Pull-ups, spot-ups, jumpers off movement, side-steps, step-backs, any type of jumper you can attempt, the kid has it. His offensive value is going to be great because of that.

In addition, if you close out hard, Herro can take advantage of that too. He has the pull-up mid-range in his bag, an assortment of floaters, and some nice at the rim finishes as well. Herro has terrific touch and this has helped him to be an amazing shooter. The overall shooting of 35.5% from three may be concerning but you can see that in the tougher conference schedule he shot over 42% from three. To me, that means that he just needed to get the repetition and adjust to the college game. With the combination of his touch and free-throw shooting, I can see Herro being a 40% to 45% three point shooter in the league for years to come.

Whatever team that takes him can utilize his three point gravity with several offensive sets that can get him open and other players open as well. Herro has high offensive IQ in that he knows how to get open and where to relocate to get good looks. Herro’s not an amazing passer or anything (2.5 APG, 15% assist percentage) but he’s capable enough and his IQ is high enough that he’ll be able to make use of defenders running at him to dish off to the open man.


Herro’s height at 6’6 should help him get shots over defenders but he measured at a wingspan of -3 (6’3) and measured only at 192 pounds. Therefore, I wouldn’t project Herro at any point as a plus defender. His arms are too short to guard across multiple positions and so he’ll probably be a one position defender. He’s also too small to guard big guards. Herro is active and his high basketball IQ will help but he’s just not going to be able to give you much on the defensive end. Because of his great offensive value, during the regular season, this should be mostly fine. However, you could see him getting potentially played off the floor in a playoff seating.

In addition, his size may hurt him with finishing at the rim. With his short wingspan and low weight, you may have to question whether he’ll be able to finish against the athletic big bodies of the NBA. However, because of his great touch and floater game, he does have the potential to be able to finish just before he gets to the outstretched arms of defenders.


Charlotte has taken a couple UK guys in the past and I think Herro would be a good fit for any team. However, I think the Hornets should look elsewhere because I think the upside for other prospects that could be had at 12 can potentially be better. However, Herro should have a long NBA career in which he provides value to a team. I could see him going either mid or late first round.

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