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Prospect Profile: Cam Reddish

Cam Reddish – Wing – Duke – 6’8 208 pounds

Cam Reddish’s physical tools make him look like a top five pick. In addition to the measurements noted above, he has over a seven foot wingspan. He definitely looks the part. However, there are a lot of concerns with him based on his play last season with Duke. Despite those concerns, Reddish is primed to be a top ten pick in this week’s NBA Draft. Let’s dive in.

Starting with the dynamic duo of Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett, Reddish’s numbers weren’t as huge as you would expect from a guy with his pedigree. He was a consensus top five recruit in just about every reputable high school scouting site. Reddish managed to put up 13.5 points a game with 1.6 steals which are respectable numbers. However, his shooting percentages were just flat out bad. Reddish shot 33.3% from three which isn’t great but he did take over seven threes a game which is encouraging. However, his numbers from two point range were just bad. On just under five two point attempts a game, Reddish shot sub 40% (39.4) and finished the year shooting 35.4% from the field.  He wasn’t good in the mid-range and he shot just over 50% at the rim.

In addition, coming out of high school, Reddish was seen as this point forward type of player that could initiate offense for a team. To be fair to Reddish, because of Zion and RJ, he was relegated to a role in which he couldn’t do that as much. However, he averaged 1.9 assists per game to 2.7 turnovers per game. Those numbers just can’t be ignored.

It’s not all discouraging for Reddish though. He was seen as an offensive prospect coming into the year but his defense was quite good at Duke this past year. He makes the usual mistakes but with his long arms, Reddish was able to make a lot of plays at Duke this past year. He finished with a 2.9 STL% and a 1.9 BLK% which are really encouraging for wing prospect. He’s also shown flashes in his on-ball defense matching up well in spots against guards like Coby White who is another potential top 10 pick.

On offense, as I stated earlier, Reddish projects to be able to shoot the basketball pretty well from three. He ranked in the 71st percentile nationally on off-the-dribble jump shots and in a limited sample size, he was in the 91st percentile nationally as the pick and roll ball handler. Reddish defintely shows flashes on the offensive end that help you to understand the intrigue of him. On the other hand, he was in the 27th percentile on catch and shoot attempts and in the 33rd percentile on spot-up jumpers. Reddish was a really confusing player last year.

There are a lot of discouraging signs for Reddish so I don’t think I can see him reaching a potential of being an all-star caliber player. However, I do think he’s, in a sense, a pretty safe pick in the latter stages of the lottery. Based on what he’s shown at Duke, I think he cleanly projects as a nice 3 and D player. He took a lot of threes last year and shot a decent number and he has a solid free throw percentage (77.2%). That’s obviously not that most intriguing player but there is a lot of value in 3 and D wings. Golden State desperately needed someone like that in the Finals when KD and Klay went down. Toronto was able to be successful in part because of a guy like Danny Green, who they picked up for free essentially in the Kawhi trade. There are not a lot of guys who are 3 and D wings that are actually good at both aspect. Cam Reddish could be that guy.

In addition, Reddish could potentially be a better version of Danny Green. Reddish has ball skills which Green doesn’t have at all and is a pretty decent passer. This gives Reddish an avenue to be more impactful in that he’ll be able to attack closeouts and make decisions. I know that rich man’s Danny Green isn’t the most flashy pick but it’s a solid one nonetheless.

If I took Reddish, I’d develop him similar to Jayson Tatum (this is not saying that Reddish is close to Tatum so please don’t think that.) Start him off simple in that his job is to play defense and focus on that end of the floor while on the offensive end, he spots up and attacks closeouts. Then, you build off from there. There is some potential intrigue with Reddish. Despite his terrible finishing percentages, he did showcase spots where he could do different acrobatic finishes. If he can get his strength level up, it’s reasonable to see that he can improve there.

Reddish is probably out of the Hornets range but if he fell to us at 12, I think that would be great value. There was some talk about the Hornets potentially trading up in the draft and I’m pretty out on that, especially for Reddish. The Hornets don’t really have any intriguing assets to pair with the 12 other than Bridges and I’d never consider trading Bridges at this point. I’m low on Monk but I think 12/Monk is a lot to give for Reddish. I don’t see Reddish coming to Charlotte but I do think he is a guy that can have a long career as a quality starter.

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