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Now what, Jordan?

A rant. —

Kemba Walker is gone. The best player in franchise history was forced out of the city he LOVED because you gave Nic Batum $25 million a year, and year over year have been unable to surround him with good players and build a competitive roster.

NOW WHAT, MJ? Now. Effin’. What.

You could have traded Walker during the past two seasons, which would have sucked for a team so close to potentially making the playoffs, but now your nightmare is reality and we let him go for free with nothing in return. Additionally, the Hornets will only have $12 million in cap space this summer by letting Jeremy Lamb and Walker go. F-U-N.

Don’t even get me started on our cap situation. I’ve been looking at the numbers for months. $45 million is off the books this summer and $42 million is off the books the following season. There was light at the end of the tunnel to bring in more talented players, and you STILL lowballed Kemba. What the hell, man?

Additionally, you screwed 2nd-year head coach James Borrego over, too. Now his Hornets era and young coaching career, will revolve around the player development they accomplish instead of winning basketball games. This sound really “Process-y,” except the front office has ZERO plan. Luckily, the coaching staff understands their goal now will be player development, but the only way to do this to PLAY THEM.

If you want to let Kemba go, then fine (hint: not fine), but if Batum, Marvin Williams, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Bismack Biyombo see heavy minutes this upcoming season I’m going to riot. NOW is the time to let the young guys fly and see what you have in them.

Seriously, if our rotation this season does not consist of Devonte Graham, Miles Bridges, Dwayne Bacon, Malik Monk, PJ Washington, JP Macura, Cody Martin, Joe Chealey and Jalen McDaniels I will be very, VERY upset. Hell, let Arnoldas Kulboka (our late 2nd round pick from Lithuania last year) play too! (For the record, The Queen’s Guard is a Kulboka stan account). By the end of the season we need to know what we have in each player and move from there.

Your move, Jordan. Your move, Kupchak. We know you don’t have a plan, but you better get one quick, because league irrelevance is knocking on your doorstep. From here on out it’s #AgonyForAnthony (Cole Anthony), I guess.

PS: Bring me Terry Rozier because I’m just here for chaos at this point.

PSS: No to the above. – Management

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