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Charlotte Hornets “BINGO!” Drinking Game 2019-2020

The Charlotte Hornets will most likely not be very good for the 2019-2020 season. The current win total for the team at Vegas is 23.5 according to some odds makers. However, we all knew this going into the season. We’ve had months to prepare for a potentially disastrous season.

The bright side to knowing ahead of time that we will be bad is that it opens up opportunities for us to be fun in the process. We have zero expectations, which means that we can have all the fun in the world because no one is going to care about us this season where all the attention will be on the new-look NBA.

All of this is to say that the Queen’s Guard is going to be your home for fun Charlotte Hornets this season starting with the introduction to Hornets Drinking “BINGO!” (21 and over, please drink responsibly). The “BINGO!” boards will consist of negative tendencies of the Hornets’ roster, poking fun at the play-by-play crew (who we all love), and some situational circumstances.

The rules are simple. Before every game we will tweet out who would like a “BINGO!” board for the game to participate. We will tweet one out to you. If an event happens during the game that is on your board, cross it off, and take a drink. If you get “BINGO!” You finish your drink (vertical, horizontal, diagonal). We will tweet out game updates. Be sure to follow us @TheQGB on Twitter, even though I’m sure you already are.

The point of this game is to provide us more entertainment value for what is anticipated to be a long season for Hornets fans. It’s more like a game that you play with your family when you playfully roast each other (until someone inevitably takes offense to something). We love the Hornets for the disaster they are. We want to see them successful just like you, but we’re still going to get these jokes off because comedy is a coping mechanism.

The current list of “BINGO!” spaces:

  1. Eric Collins says anything outlandish
  2. Malik Monk turnover
  3. Miles Bridges lost on defense
  4. Weak finish/lack thereof by Willy Hernangomez or Bismack Biyombo
  5. Willy Hernangomez traffic cone defense
  6. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist air ball
  7. Ill-advised Terry Rozier heat check
  8. Cody Zeller injury
  9. Bad Martin twin defense (two drinks for one)
  10. Any Kemba Walker mention/reference (excluding Celtics games)
  11. Dwayne Bacon bites on a fake
  12. Hornets blow 10+ point lead
  13. Random player goes off against Hornets
  14. Hornets lose by 3 or less
  15. Send PJ Washington to Greensboro
  16. Nic Batum turnover
  17. Marvin Williams misses *wide* open three
  18. Any of our bigs air ball a three
  19. Steph Curry mention/reference
  20. MJ mad or upset on bench
  21. Less than 20 points in a quarter
  22. Martin twin turnover (two for one)
  23. Terry Rozier misses roll man in a PnR
  24. Batum finishes in single digits in 25+ minutes
  25. Devonte Graham hard-brick three (long rebound)
  26. Malik Monk “WTF was that?!” shot
  27. Borrego preaches defense then team gives up scoring run
  28. Reference of how much we are paying MKG/Marvin/Biz/Batum
  29. Miles Bridges offensive foul
  30. Martin twins backstory reference (Grew up in NC, NCSt, Nev-Reno)
  31. Any vet plays more than 32 minutes
  32. “Kobe!” Kobi Simmons reference

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