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Matt Rhule set to be hired as Carolina Panthers Head Coach.

This morning David Tepper’s search for a new Head Coach came to a conclusion as reports emerged that Baylor Head Coach, Matt Rhule, was finalizing a deal to become Head Coach of the Carolina Panthers.

Reports say that an agreement was struck when Tepper and current GM Marty Hurney traveled to Waco to interview Rhule for the position, speaking with him and also getting to know his family. The Panthers were aware that the Giants had scheduled to meet with Rhule this week but they did not want to give anyone else the chance to hire him, making him an offer that he could not refuse. 7 years for $60 Million with the potential to rise to $70 Million with incentives.

Though not yet having any high ranking position in the Pro Game on his resume, Rhule earned respect from many in the NFL for both the job he did as the HC for Temple and the turnaround job he did at a Baylor program who was at the brink of death due to scandals and brought the team from 1-11 to 11-3 in just 2 years in charge of the team.

It is likely that Phil Snow will also be coming to Carolina to serve in the same role he did under Rhule at Baylor as Defensive Co-ordinator, whilst Detroit Lions QB coach Sean Ryan will come over to be the Offensive Co-ordinator for the team.

More info on the rest of the staff will be sure to come out over time, along with a press conference likely coming soon and opportunities to speak about what this means for many going forward, including most importantly franchise Quarterback Cam Newton who will enter the 2020 season in the final year of his contract.

One thing is certainly for sure though, Owner David Tepper is finally crafting the Carolina Panthers in his image by making a big long term commitment to a Coach who has previously spoken about the importance he puts into numbers and analytics. Much more in line with Tepper than previous Head Coach Ron Rivera.

With only the Cleveland Browns still yet to appoint a new Coach, it seems safe to say that Matt Rhule is the most impressive and intriguing hire of this off season and many eyes will be on Carolina next season to see how he performs. Let’s hope he can impress early and get the team back to winning ways as soon as he can, hopefully with Superman as his Quarterback.

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