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Views from the Nest: Trade Deadline Thoughts

Trade Deadline week is one of the best times of the year. The Hornets have already been mentioned in several discussions for potential deals this year. Let’s mention those and see what makes sense for Charlotte.

Here’s from Zach Lowe’s Trade Deadline post:

This is a pretty significant one. Bogdan Bogdanovic is on the last year of his deal and the Kings don’t seem intent on paying him. Bogdan is really good. He is averaging about 14.4 points a game this year while shooting 37% from deep on about seven attempts a game. He’s a good secondary playmaker as well. He’d be a really good fit with Devonte’ Graham & company.

The Kings offered him around 4 years, $51 million this past offseason. This offseason, he’d probably command around $15-20 million a year. I wouldn’t mind signing him to something like 3 years, $50 million. We aren’t looking to contend right now but he’d be a nice piece to help our young guys develop as we transition in this rebuilding phase.

So, I am in on a trade for him but I’m concerned about what we would give up. I wouldn’t give up a first rounder and I’d ideally want to hang on to Malik Monk and just watch him develop as he is still really young. It’s important to note that Bogdanovic is 27. Here’s something I’d like to see. This trade was suggested by @Handles_Messiah was pretty good:

In this case, we’d be doing the Kings a favor by letting them get off Dedmon who has been unhappy and giving up a couple seconds. I really like this deal and hoping this is around what Mitch Kupchak is discussing with Sacramento. I don’t want to give up any young guys for someone like Bogdanovic or a first rounder. However, I’m skeptical that a deal gets done by both sides.

Some have floated around Andre Drummond to Charlotte rumors. I tend to agree with Rick here that I don’t think it’s true. It doesn’t seem to align with the mandates Kupchak set out this offseason. Drummond would probably likely cost more than the Hornets would want to give out currently and he’s eyeing a size-able pay day.

Personally, I’m okay with not signing Drummond. He’s definitely good and would make the Hornets better but I wouldn’t want our long-term money tied up into a player like him. I’d rather the Hornets invest money into a cheaper option or an option that lines more up with the ages of our current core. Speaking of a cheaper option that lines more up with the ages of our current core:

I’d be really interested in Myles Turner’s fit with the Hornets. Myles is 23 currently and turns 24 in March. He matches up perfectly with our core age wise and is the type of center that would help a lot of our defensive concerns. Turner was fifth in defensive player of the year voting last year. He regressed some this year as Sabonis has taken the reins for the Pacers but I think PJ Washington would be a much better fit with him. Turner has also upped his three point attempts to over four a game and in Borrego’s scheme that would be very much encouraged (Turner is at 35% from 3 this year). I’d love to see a deal like this for Turner:

I’d also add a second going to the Pacers. First, I want to address Miles because I feel like I’ll get a lot of backlash for suggesting trading him. I’m 100% sure we won’t trade him as he just was selected to the rising stars game and management seems to like him a lot. However, I think this also points to that a lot of other teams around the league view Bridges positively as well.

I’d be okay to sell high on Bridges because I don’t think he reaches the impact that Turner has. For the Pacers, Marvin is a really good fit with Sabonis and a really good playoff big. They need wing depth as well for the future and Bridges will help them there. I’m not even truly sure this would be enough for Turner but I think it’d be a good deal on both sides. Just want to highlight that this won’t happen (at the trade deadline at least) and it’s all speculation. However, I think the Hornets should pursue Turner in some way realistically because he’d be an awesome fit for our core.

Also, from Lowe’s post:

I think it’s organizational malpractice if Marvin isn’t traded by the deadline. I love Marvin and he’s really good for our culture here. But, he’s a real asset and he also should be given the opportunity to play for a contender. He’s the perfect big for the playoffs. He can play either spot and hold up on switches, shoots 3s and makes good decisions. I think the teams that misses out on Andre Igoudala and Robert Covington should definitely look here. I could anticipate something like this for Marv:

Add one or two seconds to the deal with the Bucks and one second to the deal with the Clippers. Both of these are really intriguing. Rotations shrink in the playoffs so Marv can soak up the Lopez-Ilaysova minutes. I think Marvin is flat out just a better option than either of those in the playoffs. The Hornets get two seconds because their taking longer term money and for Marvin.

For the Clipper deal, Marvin is a much more reliable shooter than Harkless and can serve as a small ball five or play at the four spot. Kabengele is just there to make the money work and the Hornets get a second. I think this is a really good deal for the Clippers and they should look hard at it if they can’t acquire Marcus Morris or Igoudala.

In regards to Monk, I’d prefer to hold on to him. He’s shown a lot flashes this year that I like and would love to see him sign a reasonable extension next year. But, I would move him for a deal that makes sense. Let’s say the Pacers valued him (probably not because they have enough guards). I’d move him to get Turner. But, that is the type of player I’d move him for. I still think he’s an important part of our future.

Not a big fan. Think this deal would probably be centered around Monk (Knicks have reportedly been interested). Randle is fine but not really a good fit with our young core. He’s a bucket-getter for sure but I don’t think he really would be good for the development of our young guys. He’s not really a ball mover more of a ball stopper. I think he’s ideally a center for us but not particular to him on the defensive end. Who knows what MJ would do but would prefer for this not to happen.

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