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Marvin Williams Buyout: I’m Tired of Incompetence

The NBA trade deadline came and went Thursday without the Charlotte Hornets making a move for the second straight year. If you recall last year, the Hornets were on the Eastern Conference playoff fringe and only added *checks notes* Shelvin Mack who played little to no minutes during his tenure in Charlotte. The Hornets ultimately missed the playoffs by 2 games.

Fast forward one year later. The Hornets currently have multiple players on expiring contracts, but players that could serve roles on contenders between Marvin Williams, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Bismack Biyombo, and Cody Zeller. Certainly they would try and sell parts for draft capital, right? The team has slowed down significantly after their hot start and find themselves at the bottom of the East. Instead, the Hornets yet again failed to make a move.

That is until after the deadline when less than an hour ago (on Friday) ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Charlotte is buying out Marvin Williams. What? WHAT? W-H-A-T?

For the past two weeks we as Hornets fans and as an NBA collective have speculated that surely Marvin Williams was one key piece that the Hornets could trade at the deadline for a late-late first or second rounder. Especially given the movement we saw at the deadline.

While we never know the full details, I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that the Hornets received zero inquiry or let out several feelers throughout the league regarding Williams in particular who is a fantastic 3-and-D player that many contenders need.

This leads me to my main point: I, like many of you, are sick of the incompetence. In the past two years we couldn’t make the playoffs right, and now we can’t even tank right. WHAT THE F, MAN.

In his time with the Hornets, General Manager Mitch Kupchak has done the following:

  • Traded now rising star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander for Miles Bridges
  • Failed to make a playoff push last season
  • Low-balled franchise star Kemba Walker
  • Failed to trade current assets for future draft capital
  • Has only brought in Terry Rozier as a free agent
  • Bought out Marvin Williams for free

Sure, he inherited a bad situation. However, good management turns those situations around. The Grizzlies, who were in the same, if not worse, boat than we are in have already started talking about the playoffs. David Griffin, Zion aside, has formed a great team in New Orleans. The Thunder blew up their whole team and haven’t lost a step. What is there to talk about here?

I provide Charlotte Hornets insight to Queen's Guard Blog.

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