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Panthers Select Troy Pride Jr in 4th Round

With the 113th pick in the 4th round the Panthers selected Notre Dame cornerback, Troy Pride Jr. The cornerback position is a very noticeable hole on Carolina’s roster and the Panthers had their choice of cornerback at this pick and decided Pride was their guy.

With the addition of Pride the Panthers are putting together a very solid defensive draft that’s bringing a lot of excitement to the fans. It seems as if we finally have a blueprint for how Matt Rhule wants to build his team and that’s from the trenches up. A very 49ers esque blueprint and I’m not mad about that one bit.

At 113, Pride is a good value pick that can hopefully fill a position of need. It can be argued that having a solid selection of cornerbacks right there the Panthers could have traded back and acquired more draft capital while still getting a solid corner. Guys like Tulsa’s Reggie Robinson and Virginia’s Bryce Hall were also available.

At 6′ even 193 pounds, Pride has average size and good top end speed with a 4.4 40, and should be able to play in the slot if needed. His ball skills aren’t the greatest but not many corners have good ball skills these days so it is what it is am I right.

With Pride and Jeremy Chinn both joining the secondary, the Panthers defense just got a whole lot faster.

The Panthers have three picks remaining in this draft, I have a hunch they’ll start to go offense.

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